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WeatherWatch - For all your specialist forecast needs

Weatherwatch is one of Australia‚Äôs longest established and most trusted private meteorological forecasting and consulting services. Established in 1976, Weatherwatch has since been serving the specialized needs of businesses and clients.  Our highly skilled and trained meteorologists will work with your company to provide the best possible weather information.


Severe Weather - Our severe weather unit is led by one of Australia's leading severe weather meteorologists, Anthony Cornelius.  Weatherwatch can accurately assess lightning, wind, hail, flooding and cyclone risks. > Learn More
Energy - Energy demand is highly dependent on both temperature and apparent temperature also.  Weatherwatch works with one of the world's leading suppliers in energy forecasts to provide the most accurate information possible in the field.
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Film & Advertising - Our film and advertising unit is the most successful in Australia.  We carefully assess sun and rainfall hours, winds and potential hazards that affect staff or equipment.  Don't stress and re-organise a shoot day - contact us for one of our industry-leading weather assessments first.
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Construction, Industrial & Mining - Lighting, temperatures, rainfall and winds not only pose a significant OH&S issue but create unecessary downtime too.  Weatherwatch assessments will help you make decisions to minimise both of these factors.
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Commercial - Commercial enterprise requires the leading edge on your competitors.  Companies are realising the benefits of weather information to assist in forecasting future demand and potential marketing strategies. > Learn More
Media - There's a minefield of weather information out there.  We work with your presenters and explain the weather in simple, easy to understand terms in the form of scripts or notes.  We also supply training sessions.  Everyone will tune into your station because your presenter sounds like a real meteorologist!. > Learn More
Sport & Special Events - Outdoor sporting and special events are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Take the stress out of planning and get the best weather information possible for your event.
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Agriculture - All our agricultural information is supplied by climate specialist Don White.  We can supply long and short term climate and weather outlooks that are ideal for planning for the agricultural sector. > Learn More

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Why use Weatherwatch?

High quality, accurate weather information.

Professional, friendly and personal service.

All Clients have access to our highly trained meteorologists.

Trusted since 1976.

Forecasts delivered by meterologists and not computer models.

Most of our clients are referrals.

Why pay for information?

Save money and prevent OH&S concerns with more accurate and precise forecasts

Provide additional services not available for free.

Forecasts individually formatted and tailored to your needs.