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Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for weather information?

The Bureau of Meteorology offers a basic set of forecasts which are designed for private, not commercial use.  Private meteorological companies like Weatherwatch provide more detailed and more accurate information than the Bureau for commercial use.  Meteorologists in private companies have more time to provide information for clients allowing for more data to be examined.


Why choose Weatherwatch?

Weatherwatch was established in 1976 making it one of Australia's oldest meteorological companies.  Weatherwatch truly is a meteorological company with a difference.  All our forecasts are prepared by real meteorologists - not just model data.  Weatherwatch has a long record in Australia and has worked with many large organisations.  Most of our new clients are all referals - and we believe that speaks for itself.


How accurate are your forecasts?

All our weather forecasts are carefully prepared.  Each situation and location is individually assessed by our highly trained meteorologists.  This gives us the highest accuracy possible.


Which areas can you forecast?

We can supply weather forecasts right across Australia, New Zealand and parts of Southeast Asia.


How do you deliver information?

We can email, fax, SMS or even develop an online login system for you to access your weather information.


What type of information can you give us?

Please see our services for a list of the types of services we offer.  Please note every client has different needs, and if you're unsure don't hesitate to contact us.  If we can't supply you with the information we will refer you to some one who can!


Do you offer samples?

Each client receives an individual forecast so don't have exact samples but can certainly give you examples or ideas of what we can develop for your business.


Can you offer a trial?

We are so confident you will be pleased with our services we are more than happy to offer you a trial of our services.  Contact us for more information!


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Why use Weatherwatch?

High quality, accurate weather information.

Professional, friendly and personal service.

All Clients have access to our highly trained meteorologists.

Trusted since 1976.

Forecasts delivered by meterologists and not computer models.

Most of our clients are referrals.

Why pay for information?

Save money and prevent OH&S concerns with more accurate and precise forecasts

Provide additional services not available for free.

Forecasts individually formatted and tailored to your needs.