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Weatherwatch makes the weather simple.  Disseminating weather information is a challenging task for even the most experienced weather presenters.  That's why Weatherwatch supplies data and information sheets to both TV and radio presenters.  We'll help explain the weather setup to you, provide any interesting statistics and discuss any major upcoming events that may be worthy of attention.  Weatherwatch can supply media (TV & radio) with:

Ready to run weather scripts

Just transfer our text to the text-prompter and speak out the information we present you with.  Our scripts are both brief yet packed full of useful information to help describe the setup and provide statistics.

Useful weather information, statistics and understanding the weather setups

No one wants to listen to a boring weather presentation.  Weatherwatch can describe the setup in detail to better give your presenter the edge on your competitors.  Make your presenter sound like a real meteorologist!  Useful statistics can also help provide your weather segment with extra information to set your segment apart from the rest.

Presenter training

We can train your presenter to understand the most complex of weather lingo!  The more about weather your presenter understands - the more confident they'll sound in front of the camera.  So talk to us today and training your presenters about weather, and/or to provide your presenter with daily weather briefs and scripts.


Weather Statistics

Why use Weatherwatch?

High quality, accurate weather information.

Professional, friendly and personal service.

All Clients have access to our highly trained meteorologists.

Trusted since 1976.

Forecasts delivered by meterologists and not computer models.

Most of our clients are referrals.

Why pay for information?

Save money and prevent OH&S concerns with more accurate and precise forecasts

Provide additional services not available for free.

Forecasts individually formatted and tailored to your needs.