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Construction, Industrial & Mining

Incorrect weather information can cost you money or cause you potential significant OH&S issues.  Don't waste money - Weatherwatch can supply mining, construction and industrial clients with accurate weather information to help you plan around adverse weather conditions.  With the advent of global warming and the Bureau of Meteorology's new automated forecasting system, precise information is more important than ever.


Australia's intense high temperatures and humidity can cause significant heat stress on workers.  Many companies have taken to planning ahead for these extreme events and Weatherwatch can inform you both of extreme temperatures and extreme humidity and apparent humidity.


Large equipment and cranes are vulnerable to strong wind gusts.  We can supply you with detailed wind information throughout the day to plan ahead of sudden wind changes that could create a dangerous situation to your employees.

Thunderstorms & Severe Weather

Outdoor operations are highly vulnerable to storm and lightning activity along with severe weather (tropical cyclones, flooding, damaging winds etc).  All of these risks can be assessed for your location(s) via easy to read maps or tables.  All of this comes with easy to understand explanations so you know exactly what's happening.


Weather Statistics

Why use Weatherwatch?

High quality, accurate weather information.

Professional, friendly and personal service.

All Clients have access to our highly trained meteorologists.

Trusted since 1976.

Forecasts delivered by meterologists and not computer models.

Most of our clients are referrals.

Why pay for information?

Save money and prevent OH&S concerns with more accurate and precise forecasts

Provide additional services not available for free.

Forecasts individually formatted and tailored to your needs.