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Dorothea Mackellar was right when she wrote her poem of droughts and flooding rains.  Australia is a land of climatic extremes - from intense drought to record breaking floods in a matter of weeks.  Weatherwatch meteorologist Don White is one of Australia's most respecting long-range weather forecasters and climate assessors.  Weatherwatch can supply agricultural sectors with:

Climatic reports

Detailed outlooks and probabilities on rainfall and temperatures to better plan future crops looking ahead from the next few weeks up to the next 3-6 months.  Our information is based on all available information.


Detailed rainfall forecasts and outlooks with discussion on potential upcoming events can be supplied to you to assist in your day to day activities including seeding, harvesting and fertilising.  Our rainfall assessments range from 1 day to 10 days (our climatic reports extend out much further).  We can tell you when and how much rain will fall.  Our forecasts can be emailed, faxed or we can even give you the option to ring up and talk to our forecasters!

Winds & Temperature

We can add wind and temperature forecasts to our reports allowing to plan for potential heat stress or assisting in spraying of crops.  Like our rainfall assessments, our forecasts can range from 1 day to 10 days with climatic reports extending out to many months.  Our forecasts can be emailed, faxed or once again - you are welcome to ring our forecasters and discuss the upcoming weather.

Frost risks

Frost can devastate crops but we know that many farmers have the ability to mitigate the effects of frosts through various devices if they have enough warning.  Weatherwatch can send you alerts when frost is possible - furthermore, we can even send an SMS to your phone if temperatures in your local area fall below a certain level at your local weather station.  Frost is a highly localised phenomena - we can even work with your past history of personal temperature records to determine the risks in your area - particularly useful if your farm is located on top of a hill or in a valley.


Weather Statistics

Why use Weatherwatch?

High quality, accurate weather information.

Professional, friendly and personal service.

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Trusted since 1976.

Forecasts delivered by meterologists and not computer models.

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Save money and prevent OH&S concerns with more accurate and precise forecasts

Provide additional services not available for free.

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