All Time Temperature Records Tumble Across Northern Queensland

Records have tumbled across northern Queensland today with many stations recording their all time hottest maximum temperatures on record!  That is, not just the hottest temperature for November, but the hottest temperature ever!  Some records fell by over 5C (even some records that have stood for decades).  Cairns is perhaps one of the most impressive reaching 42.6C at the airport.  That’s the hottest November day on record by 5.4C and the hottest day ever recorded by 2.1C.

Perhaps what makes some of these records even more impressive is that for locations like Cairns and Mackay, these records were beaten in the morning!  The temperatures actually cooled down in the afternoon thanks to the seabreeze (however extremely high levels of humidity made temperatures feel even hotter than before the seabreeze arrived).

Unfortunately there’s little escape from the heat with a persistent westerly flow continuing for the remainder of this week.  There’s even the potential for some horror bushfire conditions over southern areas redeveloping on Wednesday as a low intensifies off the NSW coastline and drives gale force, westerly winds to the southeast corner.