Long Range Climate Forecasts

Dorothea Mackellar was right when she wrote her poem of droughts and flooding rains.  Australia is a land of climatic extremes – from intense drought to record-breaking floods in a matter of weeks.  Combine this with our variable, changing and increasingly extreme climate and it’s essential to be one step ahead with our extensive, well-researched climatic outlooks keeping you informed of the future climatic patterns.

Traditional climate forecasting methods revolve around just focusing on a single climatic variable (such as ENSO) to generate a long-range outlook.  Our climate and atmosphere is far more complex than this and at Weatherwatch we adopt a far more comprehensive method.  Our method includes assessing multiple climatic conditions (ENSO, PDO, MJO, IOD, SAM just to name a few) to generate enhanced accuracy and precision in our long-range forecasts.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand these terms – we do!  And we’ll break them down in a simple, easy to understand report to provide confidence of the long-range forecast patterns.

 Long-term rainfall outlooks

 Long-range temperature outlooks

 Long-term severe weather & tropical cyclone outlooks

 Months in advance

“Rather than concentrating on a single climatic variable, Weatherwatch assesses multiple climatic conditions to generate enhanced accuracy and precision in our long-range weather forecasts.”

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