Queensland Heatwave – Brisbane On Track for Hottest First Week of November in 38 Years

It’s heating up quickly across Australia.  Brisbane, after recording its coolest October in 7 years is on track to record its hottest first week of November in 38 years (since 1980).  If the current forecast maximums for Brisbane are correct then this week’s average maximum will be 31.6C, in 1980 the first week of November had an average maximum of 32.0C.  

If you’re wondering why this has suddenly happened, this heatwave has been building up for the last couple of weeks with well above average maximum temperatures occurring across the interior of the country.  That heat has ‘pooled’ up and is now ready to be pushed around by the prevailing winds.  While the hottest temperatures during today and tomorrow will be more so confined to southern areas of the country, a predominant west to northwest wind-flow will stall across Queensland helping to push all of this inland heat over the state including the populated southeast corner.  Mid to late next week we may see a break from this as a ridge nudges cooler, SE winds up the coastline but this is a long way out and is subject to fluctuation.

The drier conditions may limit storm potential – but it’s something we’ll be keeping an eye on, as sometimes weaker coastal changes can mix in with the heat to generate more instability however the confidence on whether this will happen is currently low.