Queensland November Heatwave – Hottest First Week on Record

(November 1-7, 2018)

Large portions of southern and western Queensland just had their hottest first week of November on record!  For those locations that didn’t exceed their records it was the hottest first week of November in many decades.  Weeks of heat across the central interior built up during the second half of October.  This got pushed across by a series of troughs that swept through the southern states resulting in a very hot west to northwest flow across southern and western Queensland.  Along the coastline, seabreezes brought some relief to the heat but instead increased humidity resulting in sky-high heat indexes, some reaching into the mid to high 40s!  Brisbane and the Gold Coast were two locations that enjoyed seabreezes, though the average maximum was 30.2C in the CBD which was still the hottest first week of November in 38 years.  The Gold Coast had an average maximum of 28.6C and while that sounds pleasant enough, was the equal hottest first week of November (tying in with 2005).  Ipswich was one of the standouts with an average maximum of 34.4C!  That was their hottest November week on record.  Even Mount Isa in northwest Queensland felt the heat.  They’re no stranger to temperatures above 40C but for this first week of November recorded an average maximum of 40.8C which exceeds their previous record of 40.4C and records date back there to 1967.

More impressively is that many locations also had their hottest November week in many years (and in some cases decades).  This is significant as normally the second half of November is hotter than the first half of November due to being closer to the summer period.  

A cooler change is currently sweeping through the region and this should see a much cooler day occur, particularly across southern Queensland and will end the current heatwave.