Boxing Day Scorcher – Nearly Half of Australia Could Reach 40C!

A significant heatwave is likely across large portions of the country commencing this week as a blocking high pattern develops in the Tasman. Blocking highs tend to bring milder conditions along the Queensland coastline, often extending down into the NSW coastline also due to the onshore SE to NE winds that prevail in these patterns.

However elsewhere in Australia, the mercury is set to soar with maximums pushing into the high 40s through northern Western Australia! In fact nearly half the country could reach 40C on Boxing Day with high temperatures likely to persist well into the new year. At the bottom of this page is a series of forecast maximum temperatures from the US model (GFS) which show the extreme heat extending well into areas of South Australia, western NSW and Victoria.

The heatwave for these areas has been a long time coming given the amount of heat that’s been building across northern Australia. All it needed was a blocking high to develop to induce a heatwave pattern and that’s exactly what is likely to occur.

Towards the New Year the tropics may begin to become more active and this will be something to watch to see how the two patterns interact with each other and whether we’ll see a stormy end to the heat in the first week of January.