Weather Training & Talks

We make weather education fun and interesting.  Making topics fun and interesting are the only way to keep people’s attention – which is essential to learning.  Our passion in discussing weather shines through during our presentations.  We include fun facts and weather stories throughout the presentation to keep your attendees entertained while also learning.  There’s no monotone lectures here – only passionate meteorologists who live for weather and enjoy sharing their passion, experience and knowledge to others.  It’s no wonder that in 2016 96% of attendees rated our workshop as “excellent” or “very good!”

Weather education can enhance productivity in your business and create a safer environment.  People often fear what they don’t understand – therefore having an understanding of the weather will provide greater confidence in making decisions that are weather dependent.  Our meteorologists travel to you so you don’t need to organise for staff to travel.  Presentations can range from a short 30-45 presentation to a full or multi-day weather workshop if required.  We have a series of modules that we refer to, but we tailor forecasts to your locations to keep it relevant to your attendees which ensures they’re stay attentive and interested for longer.

 Radar workshop

 Flood & lightning safety workshop

 Full or multi-day weather workshops

 Short presentations available

 Schools, educational groups & clubs welcome

 Stormchasing presentations available for interest groups

In 2016, 96% of attendees

rated our weather talks as

“excellent” or “very good!”

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