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  • Why pay for weather information?
    Weatherwatch employs highly trained meteorologists who use their skill and experience in forecasting and combine this with the intelligence of best-of-breed weather technologies to deliver enhanced weather forecasts. The result is increased forecast accuracy, full customisation of the data you receive, forecasts that are specific to your area and 24/7 access to a meteorologist when you need it.
  • What areas do you cover?
    Our meteorologists have extensive experience in providing forecasts and reports across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. However, we can service any region of the world and have provided forecasts to clients in Europe, Canada and the USA.
  • Do you offer a trial of your services?
    We are so confident that you’ll be happy with our services that we offer a free, no-obligation trial of our forecasts.
  • How do your forecasts differ to freely available websites and weather apps?
    Online forecasts are generally developed through automation by computer models. Most major organisations (including the Bureau of Meteorology) do this to provide a large number of forecasts in a short period of time. Weatherwatch does the opposite – we produce a smaller number of forecasts over a longer time period by having highly skilled meteorologists work with advanced weather modelling. The result is superior accuracy, increased warning and fewer false alarms.
  • What weather services do you provide?
    We provide all services relating to weather. Tailored forecasts, event analysis, historical analysis, climatic assessments and more. See our weather services for more information – or contact us with your question.
  • Do you provide weather talks?
    We provide weather talks lasting from 15 minutes to multi day weather training courses from storms, understanding weather maps & radar to weather and lightning safety. We also provide a limited number of charity talks each year and offer discounts to schools. Contact us to enquire and book in.
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