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Educated Your Team to Increase Productivity
& Improve Safety

Elevate your understanding of weather with our engaging and passionate weather training sessions. Our expert meteorologists deliver fun and enjoyable talks designed to deepen your knowledge and skills in weather forecasting and analysis. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, our training programs are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring an informative and memorable experience. Join us for a day of learning and excitement, and enhance your ability to navigate and interpret weather conditions with confidence.


Ready to educate your team on weather?

Online & In Person Training Available

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One of our expert meteorologists can provide on-site training, or if more convenient, we can provide online training via your chosen conferencing solution.

Fun And Enjoyable

Our team of passionate meteorologists consistently exceeds expectations, with 96% of attendees rating our presentations as "Excellent" or "Very Good." Our training sessions incorporate a unique practical element, drawing from our field experience to make weather training both fun and relevant. Join us to gain practical insights and enhance your weather knowledge in an engaging and enjoyable environment..


Contact us today to organise your weather training!

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