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MetCentre satellite allows you to quickly switch between satellite views and locations. You have the option to display a series of overlays including lightning, radar, locations, boundaries and other features.


Satellite Types

Visible (500m) - The highest resolution satellite available however only works during daylight hours

Infrared (2km) - A traditional satellite that works and displays visually consistent output 24 hours a day


Enhanced Infrared (2km) - An enhanced, higher contrast version of the standard infrared. Colder (higher) cloud tops are shown in colour.


Infrared (Rainbow) - A colour version of infrared that detects cloud top temperatures to distinguish between higher and lower levels of cloud


Infrared/Visible Day/Night 1km - Displays high resolution, colour visible satellite imagery during the day but then switches to infrared at night. This shows satellite day and night, but the visual detail is less at night compared to during the day


Water Vapour (2km) - Shows the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.

MC Pro Tip.png

To get the most out of the 500m visible, view a zoomed in domain. This satellite is most useful for identifying convection prior to and during thunderstorms.

Water vapour is an excellent way to view upper troughs and upper level winds in the atmosphere.

MetCentre satellite loops can be displayed for up to 24 hours. Satellite images can be saved either as a single image, a series of single images or as a gif for archiving. 

Other features can be turned on include auto updating the images, displaying your location or zooming and displaying a 50% larger image.

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